On Politics

I’ve been meaning to write a lot about how I feel about the current political climate. During the elections I was for Hillary Clinton and not so much against Donald Trump. Usually my preference is for supporting things over opposing things, I’m a positive person in that way, you know? Now it’s after the elections, and the political climate is a bit unsettling to someone with my background.

I’m a political refugee, that’s how I came to the USA. My parents were part of a movement that overthrew an oppressive regime and eventually restored democracy in Poland. At a price: we had to leave behind family and friends and flee to a new country where everything was alien to us. Learning from their example, this heroic achievement was simply not worth it. Governments come and go, and their churn simply eats the hopes and dreams of those who stand in its careening path. My hopes and dreams are not political; my hopes and dreams are to build a family, build a career, build the future of technology, and to live happily in what I’ve built. Why then, would I put myself in the path of this government?

Ultimately, I do believe that we are stronger together, and that America is great because America does good. Hopefully we will continue to be. I believe that I can stand up for these things in my daily life without getting tangled up in a political sphere. Others can stand in opposition, others can #resist. I think such protest is an important thing for the proper function of democracy. It’s not a place for me anymore.